A Soul’s Plight

From time to time we have regrets
that cause us to unceasingly fret.
At times we don’t know what to do
we search to solve the life crushing issue.
But most of us are unsuccessful at this
so in anger we look to God and clench our fists:
“Why did You do this to me!?” we scream
when we are to blame for the trouble we’re in.
We are unfair to God and others
as bitterness and regret our life blood smothers.
‘Tis true that God allows things to come our way,
but the decision is ours at the end of the day.
So stuck we are in our ways so rigid
the temperature of our hearts death, cold, frigid;
The cold hard darkness upon our souls descend
so fast it clings that nothing it can rend;
nothing but the light of God
who promised to remove our stoney heart
and give us a heart of flesh
to wake from our slumber new and fresh.
His light our dark heart penetrates
to restore its beauty, to recreate.
The waters of Mara, the bitterness of soul,
He makes sweet like a sugar bowl.
I do not know how long in this hell hole I’ll be
But I do know that Christ watches over me.
I do not know what I should do next
But I do know that I’m in a vortex.
I stand here in my humanity
head bowed down all sullenly.
My robes like Joshua’s are filthy rags
Nothing to boast, nothing to brag;
Jesus the High Priest my soul defends
as the Accuser his arguments presents.
In the Name of the Father Satan is rebuked
and a new robe and mitre to me is issued.
What joy upon my soul descends
and lifts the gloom that it attends
Happy and jovial is what I want to be
but a sea of gloom is what I see.
This saddens my heart even more
as I long to reach heaven’s shore.
But, alas, this gloom must run its course
else remorse will not my soul divorce.
I feel so stuck
so in a rut,
yet upon my Lord I will wait,
Because my Salvation is never late.

To my attention it has come,
light from heaven’s only Sun,
forgiveness is what I need,
forgiveness of myself indeed.
My life will always be riddled with mistakes
and sometimes I need to give myself a break.
The Fall has made us imperfect beings
so life is hard as we are seeing.
But hope in Christ we always have
as in faith we cling to Him fast.

This poem falls nicely in line with today’s Daily Prompt: Release Me.


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