Morning Lark

Morning Lark

Morning Lark

Oh, heavy heart of mine that pines
longing for the joys that passed
for circumstance thy joy declines
until a shadow on thee is cast

light and darkness are themes i write
i guess it’s because they describe my life
in Christ is light but the world is dark
sometimes you don’t know where you are

But take heart o soul of mine
just give thyself some time
we go through life not knowing why
darkness our joys make die

God is Christ, and Christ is God
in Him is life and light and joy
the troubles soon will cease to be
the sunlight of His presence is
the thing that gives thee victory

thy spirits soon will float like buoys
and bid farewell to yester-years
years like tears we cannot regain
we just have to look passed the pain
ever hope shall be thy guard

as you watch for the morning lark


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