Winds of Change: Day 38

This entry is for yesterday’s events.

Conversation with Frank

So, yesterday I spoke to Frank, my accountability partner. He encouraged me to bring even the minutest detail of my life before God since God is very much interested in the tiniest details of our lives. This week is very stressful since I have two articles that are due on Friday and I don’t have an angle on either yet. I am still busy doing background reading to find an angle. I wanted to start off with an angle but I realised that’s putting the cart before the horse. Tomorrow I will interview someone in our studio at work and the sound installation team isn’t done with soundproofing the room yet. But, I’m not worried about that. They have to finish it today.

Frank affirmed and confirmed my manifesto on modesty which made me feel super awesome. To celebrate I wanted to go to a Korean spa but we don’t have any in my country. So, I just enjoyed the elation. Strangely, a person from the Christian nudist forum I joined early last year contacted me this morning (Day 39) to ask how far I am in my journey. Previously, I voiced my concerns about nudism and Christian naturism on that forum and got into hearty discussions about those issues which I will address in a (future) post on modesty and nudism.

Temptation managed

Overall, I had a good day. I did have a moment of temptation when I entered blog. I skimmed through a post of his and saw he had some pics of naked people. So I exit that page and explored the rest of his blog to see whether that was its nature because it didn’t appear to be at all. It wasn’t. So, I went back to the first post I read and scrolled down to the end to see how it ended. But my eyes were drawn to the naked pics so I just exited the blog. I told Frank about it and we spoke about motives and intentions. It’s been my experience that if I don’t read the conclusion of such dubious posts, I will always wonder how the post or account ended and begin to fabricate possible conclusions which lead to sexual fantasies involving the images I glimpsed. That’s why I went back to read the conclusion. I can honestly say that I am still on the right path.

Plot idea

As I walk I sometimes think of story ideas. Now I read a lot of fantasy/sci fi books as a teen which influence the stories I tell greatly. To be honest, I don’t think they are good books since they involve a lot of occult stuff. That is why I haven’t written any of the stories I envisaged. The idea I had yesterday was of an unlikely hero. There are two heroes in the story: one is the traditional hero and the other a cluts. The cluts enables the traditional hero to be that hero through the cluts’ striving to be a hero. But, the cluts’ strivings have no direct effect on the hero’s actions. The consequences of the cluts’ striving affects the hero through a ripple effect. For example, the hero is on a quest to fight a dark lord (as is mostly the case in fantasy novels) and has to pass through a town. There is something he needs to find in the town, but would not have been able to find it if the cluts hadn’t done something that led to something else happening, that led to someone discovering the item which by happenstance landed in the hero’s lap.

Now that I think about it, I think I got that idea from <i>Shanghai Knights</i> starring Owen Wilson and Jackie Chan where Owen Wilson’s character is the cluts who inspires Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to create Sherlock Holmes and who enables passes up the opportunity to invest in the American railroads thinking the idea is nothing. So, yeah, it’s not quite original, but I think it’s a good story arc.


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