Winds of Change: Days 27-29

Yesterday marked the penultimate day of a month abstinence from porn. It’s been a very interesting month.

On Thursday I had my monthly massage and connected well with my licenced massage therapist. We addressed the concerns I had and got to know each other better. I was so relaxed because I knew that she accepted warts and all. The massage was what I always envisioned a massage to be like. And I thank God for that.

I had a tough day at work on Thursday, but things turned out well. “All things work together for good…” Romans 8:28. I did internalise stuff a bit but God helped me through that once I took my problem to Him and left it there. I spoke to my parents about it too and they gave me sound advice. They said that I handled the situation well.

Friday saw me finish a transcript and start work on another. It also saw me make some false starts on poems and write a post for one of my other blogs. I also made a reservation for a solo weekend retreat with God I will go on next year, if He wills it.

Yesterday I mostly spent with family. In the morning I completed the assignment of Restoring your sexuality back to Bible foundations, chapter 6 “Understanding the Dynamics of Shame”; read chapter 7 “More about Sexually Deviant Behaviours”; and began reading through chapter 8 “Sex Addiction”. I skimmed through chapters 9 to 11.

Withdrawal Symptoms

Besides the occassional impure thought, I did not experience any other. I wonder why the withdrawals were not so severe.


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