Batting on a Schedule

I came across this article on the importance of continuing to write and sticking to a schedule. I must say that ever since I left the structured programmes of school and undergraduate studies behind, I’ve been finding it difficult to stick to a schedule. It certainly doesn’t help that I was very legalistic and perfectionistic during that period of my life.

So, yeah, I find the article very motivating and will be working on a schedule. One of the things that makes me hesitate setting up a schedule are the unforeseen circumstances, the curve balls life throws at us from a time perspective. I hate it. When I set up a schedule I expect 100% adherence. But, it’s not likely to happen so I just defer. (I guess that is a little perfectionistic, isn’t it?)

So, how do you stick to your writing schedule? How do you deal with unforeseen circumstances that prevent you from sticking to it? What is your thought process?

I would love to hear how you deal with these things.


One thought on “Batting on a Schedule

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