Winds of Change: Day 25

Saved by illness

Yesterday was a good day. The morning was a bit stressful because we had problems with the  PC  in the Production Room and had to swap it with another. The former did not have the recording software on as I was led to believe. When we got the second computer hooked up, we had trouble connecting it to our local network’s domain. Eventually we got it working right and I did my first test recording on the new computer. However, Adobe Audition 1.5 is the recording software on the second computer. I have no experience with it, so today (day 26) I will learn how it works. I was under the impression that I would use Adobe Soundbooth for recording the interviews. The test recording was very soft over the Production Room’s speakers but loud when it was played over the head phones. So, this problem has to be solved.

I tell you all of that just to say an interview was scheduled for 11am yesterday. I was stressed because the system was not operating well–as I explained–and it would be bad if we postponed the interview again. While I brought a colleague up to date, the phone rang. On the other end of the line was the scientist I was going to interview. He called to say that he is ill and wouldn’t it be okay if we did the interview on Thursday late afternoon. All I could say was “Praise God!” Although I don’t glory in his illness, I am grateful for the opportunity God gave us to have the system optimised. The following Scripture comes to mind: “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28 ESVUK)

A temptation faced

Yesterday I had a small victory as well. I performed a Google image search to look for a man showering outside to use as my Facebook profile pic. (My profile pics usually represent an aspect or desire of mine. I rarely have a photo of me as my Facebook profile pic.) SafeSearch was activated but I saw one or two explicit images. I exited that page immediately. I worried whether I failed. But, Frank (my accountability partner) said that it was a victory over temptation and that I should feel good about my response. He also said that porn had lost its power over me. I thank God for that.

In stressful times

Whenever I experience external stress I look for pics that somehow involve water: outdoor showers, outdoor hot tubs, pools, lakes, and waterfalls. I don’t like looking at rivers because there are a lot of pics that contain humans. I also dream about my solo weekend getaway where I will spend time with God in nature and in solitude.

Withdrawal symptoms

I don’t think I experienced any. I’m just very tired.


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