Winds of Change: Days 23 and 24

This post is about some of things I experienced on Sunday (Day 23) and today/Monday (Day24).

Grabbing a bite

My sibling and I went to our denomination’s bookshop to get some books we had asked them to set aside for us. We took our cousin (with whom I had a sexual relationship) with. My plan was to have breakfast with him to ask him what his relationship with porn and masturbation is. I would like to make the resources available to him that are a great help to me in my fight against these evils. But, when he heard that my sibling and I were planning on visiting the bookshop he asked whether he could tag along. My chance to have a serious conversation with him was taken away.

When we got to the bookshop, we found it closed. It’s only open on the second and fourth Sundays in a given month. And yesterday was the fifth Sunday. So, after some deliberation and being invited to the vegetarian restaurant by its owner and chef, we decided to have breakfast there. The restaurant is across the hall from the bookshop. My cousin and I had tofu stir-fry while my sibling had a chicken enchilada. We had a great time.

After that I went to the lab and tried to do an experiment but there wasn’t any liquid nitrogen for an important step. So I postponed the experiment until later in the week.

At work

Work was hectic today. But, God gave me strength. I was tempted to believe that my life is hectic but then I realised that it isn’t really. What happened at work stayed at work. It doesn’t have to colour the rest of my day, my interaction with my family or my studies and how I respond to any mishaps and disadvantageous situations. When I do bring work, I only bring that portion of work home not the troubles I experienced during that day. That is the attitude I have chosen to adopt. It makes things less stressful.

A prayer for protection

Frank, my accountability partner, sent me a prayer for protection. After reading my last few posts, he thinks that I am under a spiritual attack. And I tend to agree with him. I mean, I’m moving closer towards where God wants me to be–near to Him. And Satan isn’t happy about that. Today when I wanted to write an encouraging piece things got really busy and I couldn’t get to it for at least an hour or so. When I did get back to my desk, I wasn’t at peace or in the mood to write. But, I had the burning desire to write. So, I prayed. Instead of praying my usual prayer asking God to calm me down so that I can write, I asked Him to help me write regardless of how I felt. The distractions didn’t stop but I did finish writing the piece, for which I’m grateful.

And yes, I did pray the prayer Frank sent me although I didn’t recite the exact same words. It’s the spirit of the prayer not the letter that counts.

Bible study

With regards to Bible Study, my church began studying the (heavenly) sanctuary this week. We will be studying it from now to the end of this year. I’m pleased with this move since it’s a topic that always fascinated me. The historian and theologian in me rejoices.

Withdrawal symptoms

I didn’t notice much withdrawal symptoms other than being somewhat negative.

And that’s my day. 😀


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