Talking Dirty

Today’s Daily Prompt: Clean House asks us to share the junk in our lives, if there is any, and how we get rid of it.

There is a lot of junk in my life. For one, there’s the porn addiction I’m doing my best to kick, by God’s grace. Then there’s my appetite which I’m trying to control. Having the munchies is one of the withdrawal symptoms. Although my studies aren’t junk, it feels like my studies are sometimes. I feel like I just want to be done with it, get my degree and move on with my life. There’s the junk of a short fuse, gossiping, evil surmising, negativity, and many more.

To get rid of all of these, I must exercise self-control, humility and love. These qualities form part of the fruit of the Holy Spirit. Even though we as humans possess a measure of love, self-control and humility, these qualities don’t always pervade all areas of our lives, neither are we humble, self-controlled (or self-disciplined), or loving all the time. I would like to have these qualities permeate and characterise every area of my life and that requires a supernatural kind of infusion which only the Spirit of Christ can give and which can only be obtained by full surrender of my life to Him.

Once I possess these qualities, by faith, it becomes easier to deal with the junk on my life. I look forward to the day when I walk across the stage and get capped (graduate). I will be one step closer to a professional writing career, one day further from the time I last layed my eyes on pornographic material, and one day closer to Christ’s Second Coming.


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