Winds of Change: Day 22

Today was a great day. I attended the baptism of two of my friends–they’re courting, fed my cultures and attended a church service.

In crisis

Also, the guy who fed my core cultures for me in the lab told me that he wouldn’t be able to do so anymore because he only has 2 months left to finish his PhD so all his effort has to go into that. I was disappointed and distraught by the news. However, I saw reason and know that he helped as much as he could. I actually expected it to happen one time or other. So, I’m okay with it.

What distressed me about the development is that October is my busiest month at work. I have to conduct 6 already scheduled interviews, receive training on the sound production system, edit the audio of those interviews, write an article based on at least one scheduled interview and write two science articles that will be published at the end of October. Now I have to go to the lab directly after work, feed my cultures and get back home at 9 or 10 pm. I also have to read for and write a literature review for my thesis as well as write a report on the experiments I did to date. My lab book I have to bring up to date. And I have to keep up with my two main blogs (this one included). So, yeah, my cup is pretty full.

My parents really encouraged me though. And I know that God will carry me through. He always does.

Youth group meeting

The youth meeting last night went well. They really liked the glow in the dark paint and message–which I got from here. The young adults really enjoyed it. God really blessed the programme.

I didn’t pay much attention to withdrawal symptoms today. I was too busy with stuff.

And that’s my day.


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