Winds of Change: Day 19


My article is with the editors now. I’ll hear from them on Monday and it should be published next week. After the submission, I didn’t want to read or do any writing, hence the short introduction to On the Rule of the Road by A.G. Gardiner. I will share my opinion on freedom in a future post. I have to structure my ideas first.

At a bookshop

I went to the mall yesterday and, by chance picked up a copy of John Milton’s Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained; it was cheaper than what I found on the Net. I also came across Dorothy Brande’s Becoming a Writer. I didn’t buy that book because I want to do a background check first. She talks about the magic of writing and what not. It could just be a figure of speech but I don’t want anything to do with esoteric stuff.

Withdrawal Symptoms

The withdrawals have been going well. My sexual thoughts (i.e. Google searches) are becoming more and more vivid, but the compulsion to realise those thoughts/visions/flashbacks is not there. Just because you have a thought doesn’t make it real even though our subconscious cannot distinguish between reality and fantasy. I realised that I don’t need to act on those thoughts. The Lord also helped me to manage those thoughts. Somewhat graphic:I woke up this morning with my hand clutching my penis.Graphic description doneSo that was my day.


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