Since I had some time on my hands, I thought I’d use it write another praise poem. It’s not good, to be honest. But, since this is my diary/journal, I post it here.

Bless the Lord, o soul of mine,
He the Giver of life sublime,
Creator, Redeemer, Shepherd and King
in heaven forever His praises I’ll sing.

When in the night I about was compassed
by the darkness that my spirit rumpused,
the light of His presence
brought comfort to my essence.

Forever safe I am in His embrace,
He turns my enemies about face.
Challenges come and challenges go,
but this one thing I very well know:

The Lord helps me endure suffering.
A quaint idea it is:
How can He protect me
when my life is poured out like a drink offering?

But, that’s the paradox of faith
that’s why to many it is a wraith
yet faith gives substance
and to the faithful sustenance.

For in God we trust
for we know we’re but dust
while God is eternal
forever vernal.

By His life man is sustained.
O’er earth and heaven, He reigns.
Therefore, I know my God is with me
His hand in my life, I clearly see.
My King, Shepherd, Redeemer and Friend,
His love for us knows no end.


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