Future Glory

This poem was written in response to today’s Daily Prompt.

Rockets, spaceships, aircraft, planes,
jet packs, hovercraft, jet boards, trains,
People running,
In fear shouting,
Fighters flying,
Buildings crumbling.
As the onslaught commences,
I see people clamour o’er fences.
“What is this?” I want to know
when bright light in the heavens shows.
The darkness that earth pervaded
flees as if by light it was raided.
The light completely surrounds me
as the wicked to mountains flee.

We hear a trumpet sound
The voice of the Archangel off buildings rebound
The earth in deep rumblings responds
Death can no more its victims bond
The saints from their graves arise
no more the victims of the Devil’s lies.
And we the living are also changed
making the Devil even more deranged.

And so we take to the sky;
in the company of angels we fly.
Our Redeemer, the Son of Man, we meet
and with a smile He us greets.
On we go to Heaven’s shore
where we are greeted with an open door.
As we through Heaven’s gate enter
we are brought to its Centre:
the Great White Throne before us we see,
the twenty-four elders, four beasts, and His Majesty.

Upon the Sea of Glass we stand
in the midst of the angels at God’s command.
All of a sudden joy erupts
as we sing praises to the One with whom we sup.
Then one takes up another strain
a song not joined by the angelic train:
the Song of Moses and the Lamb.
The saints make chorus in Heaven’s band.
The Father’s love pervades our hearts
as we a new life with Him start.

Finally, God’s will is done
that man should live in His eternal Son.
Now what on earth happened to the wicked?
That, my friend, is in the Bible transmitted.


7 thoughts on “Future Glory

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