A Gift of Thanks

The following poem was born out of a desire to write a praise poem. It’s not very good as you will see. I suck at praising in general. But, this is my attempt.

A poem I would write to Thee,
but alas my words faileth me.
What can I say that has not been said
to Thou the One that once was dead?

From death to life Thou passed for me
that forever with Thee I will be;
The Spring of life Thou art…
(It seemeth now the praises start.)

Thou the Fountain of Life
giveth us strength
to meet our daily strife
and giveth victory at length.

Victory on the Cross was secured;
the pain, the suffering Thou didst endure.
Thy blood for me was spilled
that I with Thy Spirit might be filled.

Thy Word of Truth is on my lips,
Thy belt of truth is on my hips;
Thou my feet with peace hath shod
that the path of truth I may trod.

Thou me with the shield of faith protecteth
to quench the dart that Satan projecteth.
Thy righteousness my breast plate is
that praises from my heart may never cease.

Thy salvation on my head is placed
that through the ages Thy love I may trace;
Thy Word of Love my hands do wield
against it the enemy hath no shield.

With Thy armour Thou me hath dressed
for the way of the Lamb I do confess;
Thy love for me knoweth no end
As attested by the Gospel Heaven sent.

So thank You, Father, for Thy love,
Thy faith, Thy truth, Thy life, Thy Dove;
Use me I pray Thy Word to proclaim
to loose from others the wicked one’s chain.

All glory be to Thee my God,
Forever Thou my treasure art.


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