A good Samaritan I claim to be
instead I was a Pharisee:
To home I walked in pouring rain
when a man his car did push in vain.

I looked at him
and thought to myself
“Him I will not help today
my papers I must get out of the rain.”

So, hastily by him I went,
My thoughts and eyes were homeward bent.
When he on me his eyes did lay
he asked for help; what could I say,
but “yay”?

So behind his car I went and stood
bent my knees and pushed all I could.
The rain let up it seemed to me
God I praised when I did this see.

My bag that was upon my head
now was slung over my shoulder and back.
One step at a time is all we took;
one after the other along the route.

At last we reached a parking bay
where driver and car did stay.
On I trod with my crooked heart
begging God to give me a new start.

I do not know what happened to him,
but to God I pray I’m changed within;
never a Pharisee I want to be,
but that Christ’s love should flow through me.

As this poem I do now end,
I hope you learn from this, my friend.

It seems as if this poem fits well with today’s Daily Prompt.


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