Winds of Change: Day 10

Yesterday was an amazing day. I spoke to my accountability partner for the first time. He encouraged me to trust God to give me a good wife, to ask God to break the soul-tie that was established between my cousin and I, and to exercise faith in God’s promises all the while seeking God to know Him. He said that the more I honestly seek God the less I will want to cling to the sins in my life.

Responding to yesterday’s Daily Prompt was most definitely the highlight of my day. Growing up I always wished I had skill with words and that I could write poetry. But, I really sucked at poetry. Even though Unstable Senses is bad, I still feel happy when I think about it. The rhymes just came. I struggled with rhymes a lot in school. So, I’m a little chuffed with myself. God knew that I needed to write something silly. 🙂

I am tempted to tell you how my morning went–which has not been good–and how stressed I am right now and my overwhelming workload, but I won’t. There’s no use I complain about stuff that require me to just close my eyes and do them.

Withdrawal Symptoms

Yesterday I had a couple of impure thoughts which I diverted my mind from. Anxiety and fatigue are my constant companions it seems. But, God is faithful. I have to watch out for sexual fantasies that creep up on me unawares though.

Last night I underlined promises in a study Bible I bought last month. The Bible has all the Bible study helps (and actual Bible studies in the back) that I ever wanted. It’s my most treasured possession.


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