I’ve been dissatisfied with the communication barrier between myself and my licenced massage therapist (LMT). This is what I would like to tell my LMT and any other LMT who will work on me:

“I also would like it if you concentrate on my calves in addition to my neck, shoulders and back. I also have scar tissue from a hernia repair op I had done last year. So if you massage my lower abdomen to break up the scar tissue, I would be grateful.

“You should also know that I am comfortable receiving massages in the nude but if you are not comfortable massaging me undraped, it’s okay. I also don’t want you to think bad of me if I get an erection. It’s not sexual at all. It just happens during a massage. I don’t mean any disrespect or anything perverse by it. In fact, I try to keep it under control but sometimes I fail.”

“Now I hope you don’t think badly of me for making these requests. It’s not my intention to come across as perverse not actually be perverse. I like being honest so that we both know where we stand. I hope that you will see it in this light.”</p

Intro of Conversation I want with LMT


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