Milk man

This isn’t a good way to start a blog, I guess, but writing is very therapeutic to me and I need some therapy.

You see, this morning I wondered whether people actually use semen in their food. I know people taste semen during fellatio, but do they actually go out of their way to retrieve semen and use it in their food?

So I googled it. Apparently people do and semen is supposed to have so many benefits for those who consume it. One website lists all the vitamins and minerals one finds in semen. That website is connected with the adult industry and is apparently part of a study on the benefits of the consumption of human semen. (I won’t link back to that website for obvious reasons.)

One has to wonder where reason escapes the men who “milk” themselves to consume their own tissue for its nutritional benefits. It doesn’t make sense. Why would you want to expend resources only to consume those same resources again?
Then, there is the whole argument and the taboo of consuming human tissue. Most societies today frown upon eating human flesh. But, isn’t eating semen the same as eating someone’s hand or ear or skin? Isn’t eating semen cannibalism? I can understand, and even forgive and accept, the swallowing of semen during oral sex, but to consume it as a condiment? That’s going a little too far for me.

The other thing that bothers me about semen eating is even more controversial than the one listed above. To milk a man for semen is masturbation. And I cannot condone that. Not only does it go against my religious beliefs, it goes against my experiences as well. I used to enjoy masturbation a lot when I was young, but it always left me feeling empty. Solo sex serves no other purpose than self-gratification which is not the point at all. Solo sex is about “me” as much as we may try to disguise it. It injures our relationships with ourselves, others and God. Ever since I stopped masturbating, I’ve been a much happier person and more able to deal with life’s problems, risks, and joys. Therefore, I cannot condone man-milking.

As intriguing as the practice of semen foods may be, it’s just going too far for me. I would rather eat a bull’s penis or testicles than human semen.

But what if the semen came from a bull? I still wouldn’t eat it. It’s just not right. It’s really pushing my moral sensibilities and that of many others.

What about you? Would you eat human semen in food? Why or why not? What about semen that came from an animal?


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